Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring time!

Spring is finally here and I'm pretty excited about it.
This has been a pretty busy week.
On Wednesday the leprechauns visited our classroom. The kids had talked about it all week. They colored everything I gave them green and came up with plans of how they could catch a leprechaun. Wednesday morning they came in and were disappointed when the leprechaun hadn't been there yet. They did notice the little trail of gold and green stars though and word in the hallway was that he had already been to Mrs. Hollie's room so we just had to wait him out. He finally came while they were in library. I made sure to keep the lights off and only destroy things while no children were in the hallway. The 2nd graders were almost as excited as my class and every single one of them stopped me in the hall to tell me the leprechaun had been in my classroom. All of the kids absolutely loved collecting the gold and cleaning up. Adorable.

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