Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little green thumbs

Yumm chocolate smelling mulch and blooming flowers... perfect!

Gloves:check, Lots of newspaper:check, Parents to help out: check, Most fun Friday yet: check!

Friday was one of the most fun days I have had at Fishburn so far. Friday is our greenhouse day so Nicholas's mom came in and planted rosemary and lemon balm with the kids. They loved rolling their sleeves up and getting dirty. After that we went back to the classroom long enough to get our gardening gloves and talk about what they were going to be doing to help get our big garden going. We walked outside and starting laying newspaper. It was orderly at first but then all of the MD kids came out and it became a free for all- literally. The news was there, school board members and the PR people from roanoke city and of course none of the other teachers were going to get the kids in order so I started yelling :) finally I got all of 1st grade and MD in a line and things started to run smoothly. It was really cool- the kids laid down stacks of newspaper and then later in the day the older kids spread compost on top. Well after order was restored and things were going well the news guy came up to me, I was trying my best to avoid eye contant but he found me anyway, asked if I was a teacher and if he could ask me a few questions. Ugh. So he went through the whole interview and then realzied his mic battery was dead. While the camera man went to get a replacement I had to make small talk with him and it also gave me enough time to get nervous. Long story short I ended up on the 5 oclock news sounding like an idiot :)

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