Sunday, June 5, 2011

In love with a car?

Is is possible? Can you love a car... I think I do.
When Dad mentioned that he would be interested in helping me out with getting a new car that would be better on gas I immediately starting looking! The Xterra has be wonderful and when I found a Nissan that was smaller and that I liked I starting looking for those. It is a Murano and I found a few that were way out of the price range but when I saw one online at Shelor that was in the price range we went to test drive it.
It was terrible and obvious why it was within my price range. We went up on Saturday after the "Fishburn Festival" we hadn't planned on staying long since Dad had a poker game at 6. We drove 2 Muranos neither which were good and on our way back to the lot I spotted another one sitting in the lot. Gorgeous! We asked Austin, the guy who rode around with us if he knew details- he was super nice and jotted down a few details and when we got back to the shop he looked it up. It was a little out of the price range but Dad insisted we drive it anyway. Bad idea... I was in love right away. It has EVERYTHINGGGGG. Leather seats, automatic locks, windows, seats, you name it. Sunroof and keyless start... crazy! We drove one other car a Hundayi... no way compared! Dad starting talking numbers and the next thing I knew they were running my credit and appraising my Xterra! The Murano was mine!!!!!
Who knew that buying a car took so long though. We left Shelor around 7,then he took me to dinner and got home just in time to see the end of his own poker game. He had missed his whole game!
I loved my Xterra and was sad to trade it in but after driving the Murano for a day... maybe an hour... I was completely ok with it. As we were leaving I asked Austin what would happen to my bucking moose sticker. I wanted to make sure they wouldn't destroy it and he said they would leave it on there... I am sure it will be a selling point for the car!

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