Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recess on the last day

Nadia of course couldn't even get along with anyone, even on the last day and had to sit out. Unable to stay silent she was asking a million questions. Then she asked why I didn't have a husband I thought I would be able to deflect the question with a question (WRONG!) so I asked why her mom wasn't married. She informed me she was waiting until she found a Jehovah witness, she didn't want no church boy. Then she was back to me and my empty left hand so I said well Nadia I am waiting until I find a boy who can fix stuff for me and she quickly pointed to Justine's dad ( you know the one who comes and stays the entire day and even sits criss cross while I do a read aloud- yea no thanks!) and she goes seriously Miss Scott I bet he can fix bikes and everything I mean look at his hands, they are dirty! Then she said ohhhhh I know! MY dad! You could marry him- he can definitely fix stuff!!!
While Nadia was busy brainstorming who to set me up with Zoe and Bella were "doing my hair" and talking about it. They said they loved my hair because it was soft and shiny. Zoe says sometimes people go to the beauty shop with nappy hair. Bella corrected her and told her that you can't call the patients hair nappy- even if it is! You have to call them tender headed.
Have I mentioned I will miss them terribly!

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