Saturday, April 3, 2010

tulips, extra recess and egg hunts=fun!

Hooray for the week before spring break! This was a good week and not just because I knew that after 12:30 on Friday there would be no teaching for a whole week! On Tuesday I was very happy to find out that our Thinking Maps class had been canceled and while working in my room I got these delivered to me! I thought they were beautiful. Elizabeth thought they smelled like death and sadness....

Wednesday we played with the gps units and went geo cashing. Tombe announced that it was the best geo cashing day ever after we found the first bag full of erasers and stickers!

Thursday was April Fools day and the joke was on me because while I was teaching everyone
else was at lunch or outside for recess. All of a sudden I realized the hall was completely dark and silent so I told the kids everyone must have disappeared. They lovedddd playing along with me as we searched for clues to where everyone could have gone. I let them skip up and down the hallway before we decided that if no one else was working we shouldn't either so we went outside for some extra recess ourselves :)

Friday was fun. We got to play on the new playground and then we had an Easter egg hunt before sending the kids home for a whole week.... now all that is left to do is pack for NYC!

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