Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Earth Day and even happier birthday Elizabeth :)

Well I knew it was inevitable...I am many posts behind. But I guess I have to start somewhere so I will start with the most recent exciting events. Friday was Elizabeth's birthday! We also had very little time to fill with teaching which always makes for a good day at school :) First thing in the morning we had Earth Games, when we came back in we invited Mrs. Overstreet's class over for "D.E.A.R" time. Instead of reading this is what they found...
we had a nice surprise birthday breakfast to celebrate our favorite kindergarten teacher!
And then, if it wasn't good enough to have had that kind of morning the boss left at 11 and we had a concert on the hill at 1! The concert was! The little ones loved clapping and dancing around and I loved dancing with them :) the most amusing part was Elizabeth's Christopher directing the band luckily I got some on video.

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