Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was yet another snow day! This has been a wonderful month of no school... we have actually only been twice in almost 2 weeks. I've gotten pretty spoiled by staying at home, going out to lunch and just hanging out while still getting a pay check :) Today I decided to quilt some. It's a project I started this summer with Chris. I am making a school house quilt that, if I can ever finish, will be super cute (and will conveniently match my new living room colors) It was very refreshing to work on it today instead of worrying about lesson plans or other school related things. Everyone else seems to be pretty sick of the snow but I could do this for another month and be perfectly happy!!
Here are the school houses in their 4 different colors... I still have a few more to piece together then I can put them all together to make a real quilt!

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