Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not having internet at home is hard... every time I want to blog I can't since I don't have internet and I am lucky to find a free second at school much less a few quite ones when I could actually write.
I was all prepared for my next blog to be pictures of my newly rearranged living room, happenings of the last few days of Christmas break and details of my New Year's eve.
Then Monday morning, the first day back to school, Jan. 4th Judy came into my room and asked if Bella was in my class. That's when she told me her father had been shoot and killed on New Year's Day. My world seriously stopped. Everything that had been important 10 minutes before wasn't anymore and any problem or stress I had in my life suddenly paled in comparison to a 6 year old little girl losing her father so tragically.
I have met her dad and he came to the school for almost all of the functions or events. He was one of the nicest parents I had this year. Bella thinks the world of him and any story she told involving him put a smile on her face. She loves him so much and it makes me feel that much worse for her.
I broke the news to the other kids on Tuesday and they didn't really seem to understand the severity of the situation, which is understandable for a 1st grader I guess. They related it to pets that had died. I only had one who said something that almost made me tear up and that was Nicholas. There was a quiet in the room and he said softly... Ms. Scott, I feel sorry for Bella.
We made her cards that I mailed to her house along with stuffed duck I bought her. The funeral is tomorrow at 1 o'clock and I'm sure that it is going to be very difficult for me.
I have been pretty obsessed with following the news story of how it happened and whether or not they have caught all the people involved. At first they wouldn't release his name and I think secretly I thought every one had just gotten their facts wrong and names mixed up. I truly hoped Bella hadn't lost her father. Of course when all was said and done it was Bella's father. He had been celebrating New Year's eve with his wife and kids when his friend called for a ride he took him and they realized his house had been broken into. They went in and the men, who were still inside, shoot and killed him and left. 2 have been caught but they are still searching for a 3rd.
It is hitting me so much harder than I thought and I just pray that Bella is doing ok and that God gives me the wisdom I will need when she comes back to school.

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