Thursday, October 20, 2011



I have been hearing squirrels in the attic- I just knew that's what it was. There was a place on the awning that they had gnawed away at so I got dad to check it out... he tacked the awning back up and climbed up on the roof to check the chimney. In his expert opinion there were no squirrels. A few weeks later and I was stillll hearing it. Of course Ginger was the only other witness to the sounds....

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get home and go downstairs to do laundry. There is broken mugs and flower pots that had been knocked off the shelf, and tons of insulation had fallen from the attic. Suspicious. Troy came in and noticed that there was a "path" where the squirrel must have ran. No way. I figured there had to be another explanation. NOONE has a squirrel in their basement!

Well as we were looking around and trying to wrap our minds around how a squirrel manages to have free run of a house we hear movement. We both looked at each other in disbelief. Then I saw the curtain move- yep the squirrel had been listening the whole time! I hurried Ginger out of the room and Troy was yelling for his knife.

I was so freaked out , got it and handed it off but then I came to my senses and started screaming at him not to kill it. Meanwhile the squirrel is literally running on the walls and ceiling and Troy is swatting at it with a broom so it doesn't get back into the attic. We ended up tossing a net over it and it was crazy and nearly got out of the damn net. I got a paper box to put over it and we slid it out the door and he scampered across the yard, up the fence and back to his nest.

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