Sunday, August 22, 2010

I picked a color!

I spent more money on paint samples than anything else... I hate being indecisive!
This contact paper is my favorite! Thank goodness for Target!

After living in chaos I am almost finished with the kitchen! I love the way it turned out... of course now I am obsessively shopping for new things to put in there... (I will save so much money when we go back to school and I am not shopping alllll day). I can't wait for Bill to come and help redo the floor! The best part is that I did this ALONE! Took the cabinet doors off, taped up the room, painted the cabinets, put in new contact paper, drilled holes and added new hardware, put the cabinet doors back on and painted the wall. It was so much more work than I thought but soooo worth it!
Almost there... shopping again to today for a few things to finish up and then making curtains! :)

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